Artisan Design Source was founded in 2005 by Raouf Sarwari as a manufacturer of custom furniture, display cases, fixtures and living walls for architects, interior designers and artists. Building on more than a decade of experience manufacturing dynamic point-of-purchase displays, Artisan Design Source now turns its attention to the creation of more whimsical laser-cut products that serve a practical purpose.

In his spare time over this past year, Mr. Sarwari has been having fun creating his own lighting prototypes crafted from laser-cut plastic and cardboard. The effects of shifting light projected and reflected through these very different materials onto a wall or table's surface compelled him to continue and experiment with new shapes taken from his imagination.

Artisan Design Source’s innovative line of lamps and lighting solutions debuts at Brooklyn Designs this spring. If you like the style but don’t see your particular shape or color, he can customize to your specifications.